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About Quattrolibri

Thursday 1 January 2009, by quattrolibri

What’s in a name?

Quattrolibri derives its name from the architecture treatise published by Andrea Palladio in 1570, “I Quattro Libri dell’ Architettura”.
The « Four Books » illustrate the principles of simplicity, harmony and sustainability which embody the Palladian style.
We aim to apply similar principles to our projects.
To find out more about Quattro Libri dell’ Architettura:
  • Wikipedia’s article about the treatise.
  • Answers.com’s article about Andrea Palladio

A new Renaissance

The International Panel on Climate Change established the need to change the shape of our GreenHouseGas emissions growth curve.
This change implies significant modifications of our behaviour, consumption patterns, investment and equipment decisions.
Eco-design, energy efficiency, dematerialised growth, industrial ecology, collective action, carbon pricing and regulation are key drivers in what amounts to a new Renaissance.
Our goal is to help our clients build successful businesses built on such premises.

Company history

Julien Dossier, Quattrolibri’s founder, graduated from HEC (Entrepreneurship) and from the CEMS’ Master in International Management (Paris, Cologne, 1995).
He completed his civil service in New York in 1996 and 1997 and joined Reuters as a Graduate Trainee in 1997. After several assignments in client support and sales in Madrid and Paris he was hired in 2000 by the Editor in Chief in London to lead business development and innovation programmes for the world’s leading news organisation. He contributed to shape the group’s content strategy.
Julien Dossier is married, father of two children and lives in Nantes. Profile and further references are available on LinkedIn.
Since its creation in 2005, Quattrolibri brought a sharp focus on energy, recycling, lifecycle analysis and green finance in assignments for the automotive industry – including a large European carmaker and Swiss investors.


Our aim is to support our clients both at the strategic level and on the ground. We put an emphasis on system thinking and on pragmatic capabilities. 

We favour "can do" attitudes and start with a glass half full before delving on the intricacies of a difficult problem.

Quattrolibri’s core team is eclectic, whereby a mechanical engineer is both a designer of aquatic gardens, a field researcher and a web designer. 

Our team extends to trusted partners in the fields of anthropology, video editing, game design, urban planning, event organisation, team facilitation, eco-design, urban farming and product & service design. 

We regularly call upon a network of 300 experts covering a wide spectrum of fields : engineering, chemistry, architecture, organic agriculture, energy, waste management, logistics, crafts, mobility, street and land art, biology, physics or mathematics.

We have recurrent opportunities for 6-month internships for students finishing their masters degrees. We consider internships as part of the curriculum and allocate time to coaching and training as part of the internship.



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