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Thursday 1 January 2009, by quattrolibri


Senior executives in charge of strategy, sustainable development, design.

Clients in the automotive, retail, media industries. Public institutions and government authorities.



Our core competence is to design products or services which both increase our clients’ revenues and decrease their GreenHouseGas (GHG) emissions.

We articulate on the ground observations with a strategic vision.

We track diversified international news sources to update our broad range of references.

We aggregate a wide range of skills: sociology, journalism, visual arts, product design, media design, multimedia production and engineering.



Strategic Marketing: usage analysis, anthropoligical studies (motivation, resistance to change, group effects, social network influences…), strategic watch.

Design and eco-conception: knowledge design (internal & external communication), user centered design, prototyping.

Business Development: design and coordination of multi-stakes projects (especially in an “industrial ecology” approach).


Usage observation, wrapped in scenarii, user typology and segmentation, user shadowing
Strategic watch, executive briefings
Creativity sessions followed by functional scenarii, prototypes
Strategic briefings, business cases, project support (coordination, negotiation)
Turn-key projects, resulting from our own R&D (e.g. serious games)


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